Advice to Help Overcome a Bad Week at Work!

Bad Week

The past few weeks have been tougher than normal at work. It’s not because you hate your job, in fact, you happen to like what you do. Yet, you still cannot help but look at your laptop screen with glazed eyes and see nothing but a blurry document.

If there is one thing that everyone who goes to work will ever have in common, it’s that some weeks will be tougher than others. While that is not necessarily the easiest thing to accept, it is important to know. If you are currently going through a rough patch at work, then here are some tips to help you to cope :-

Find out what’s making it tough for you

“Bad week at work” often feels like you cannot get anything right this week. Sometimes that is because you are presently struggling with something whether that is a stressful project, a difficult colleague to deal with, or a computer that keeps crashing or the server going down.

Identifying the problem may not resolve it right away but will at least help you be at ease for being able to pinpoint it. As it can enable you to decide if there’s a fix for the situation or not. If there is then go for it!

However, even if there is no fix, at least you can put an end date on it. Like accepting it as a failed project and moving on if there is no other way out. Look for alternative goals and try to achieve them in different ways and through unique approaches.

Confide in Your Boss

For some people, confiding in with boss is not possible because some bosses are not that understanding. However, if you are lucky and have a boss who is actually willing to help you out, then reach out to him/her and express about how things are not working out for you and ask for guidance.

Your boss will probably understand if he/she is aware of your genuineness and dedication towards your work. Then he/she will actually get you real help. As your boss will make sure that their dedicated employee has everything that is needed to succeed.  You might be overwhelmed to know what happens after you open up to your boss regarding a tough week, it might be nothing, or maybe deadlines can be moved, or tasks can be delegated elsewhere, or you might get even get a break to let you refresh your mind.

You might do a great job that everyone you work with knows that you can be trusted with anything and that is something highly appreciative. However, the reality is that even the most talented employee sometime needs a helping hand, that can be you and that is nothing to belittle yourself about.

Don’t be Too Hard on Yourself

Sometimes, you look for reasons to blame yourself or doubt yourself to the extent that a small part of you starts to believe that you did things wrong to make this week difficult. As it seems like it is your fault and you seem to overlook the external factors, which might have caused the breakdown.  It can happen that you might have made a mistake, you should mop up and take the appropriate steps. However, it is important to take a step back and remind yourself that there are few things that you simply cannot control, so it’s better to let it go.

Sometimes, some weeks are going to be harder than the rest but always remember that you cannot control everything. However, you can rethink your approach to cope with a particularly difficult week.

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